I'm leaving on a jet plane...
So okay, I shall be leaving you all pretty quickly here for a month. I know I'm sad too. I won't be posting, although this journal is more for commenting anyways, because where I am going there is no internet or phone service.

Basically, I'm going to Costa Rica for a volunteer/adventure tour trip which lasts a month. I get to help with sea turtle and manatee conservation for two weeks in Panama. It consists mostly of helping tagging and protecting the beaches for nesting. And then, I go back to Costa Rica and tour the whole country. I get to stay in some amazing places. Also, I have the opportunity to white water raft in one of the five best rivers in the world (for white water rafting), along with zip lining, kayaking, and hiking.

I leave on June 11 and get back July 11. So until then I hope you all have a wonderful summer!


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